Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Learning situations through pictures          


A Quiz was conducted in the L.P and U.P clasess in connection with the Lunars Day. In the L.P section Sruthylaya of std IV A and in the U.P section Lakshmi Sunil of std VI B won the first place.                                  

Lunar's Day

Today is Lunar's day who was the scientist of I S R O talked about todays importance to thge students. He donated his book' Chandanum Chandrayanum' to the school library. He inagurated the all the club also.Arathy Krishna welcomed the cheif guest and Arya L.S said te vote of thanks to the function which was moderated by Rain Susan Abraham. The PTA President and the members of the PTA were also present.                                                   

'World No Tubacco Day'

                     The U.P calss students conducted a Seminar on the use of tubacco and the hazzards they make to human health. The meeting started with a prayer. The children took Anti- tubacco pledge, poster were made and a painting competition was conducted. The best student was given prize.                      


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Drawing Competition

A drawing Competition was conducted in connection with the Enviornmental Day. Anarkha  won the First place.

Anarkha. R. S
                                                                                       V B